Introducing… Jess Appel

Empowering people to laugh and feel (good, as often as possible) is her mission in life. Really.

Jess is an actress who takes making you laugh very, very seriously.

Born and raised (for the first decade of her life) in Denver, Colorado, Jess climbed trees, sang in her public school’s gospel choir, hiked, camped and backpacked, and made snow angels. She then moved to the beautiful bubble of Montclair, NJ, where she continued her seriously stellar (not being sarcastic here) public school education. She went on to receive her BFA in Acting, from Syracuse University.

Jess worked in retail at Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street in her early twenties, in the hospitality industry for years (bartending right up until the pandemic shut down all the restaurants and bars), and now works part-time as a substitute teacher, teaching Pre-K through 6th graders, when she is between gigs and rehearsals. She is very pleased to say that she spends much of her time getting paid to act on stage in theaters in NYC.

Though she lives and works amidst and just outside of the hustle bustle of New York City, she has always tried to maintain her easy going, sunny, Colorado nature. Being kind/uplifting is a core value of hers (though she does allow herself to dabble in occasional non-mean-spirited sarcasm.)

Experiencing an average of 322 days of Colorado sunlight a year for ten years had a permanent heart warming effect. Homey is Jess’s favorite word people have used to describe her. Descriptors tied for second place are spunky and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Jess is also a singer, writer, producer, physical comedian extraordinaire, improv artist, and puppy mom. She loves comedy but is also a huge fan of legit theater and film. She revels in the perfect harmony of comedy and drama when performing Shakespeare! She does however love working on new scripts, and was thrilled to originate characters for more than 10 new roles in the past year and a half.

She hopes you have a terrific day, that you find a reason to smile, and that you don’t find too many typos in her website. 😉

Thanks for stopping by and looking around!